Monday, April 14, 2008

And Another Pic...

Can't have enough!

Some New Pics of Summer- Finally!

Howdy, Y'All!

At last! New pictures of Summer, who has had an exciting last few months. Over the Holidays she managed to eat a whole platter of Christmas cookies (some wrapped in foil) as well as some of the Saran Wrap that was over them! These cookies were in the middle of the dining room table and all the chairs were pushed in. We still can't figure out exactly how this was done, unless she got on to a nearby desk first and flew through the air like Rocky the Squirrel!

She was OK, after a very expensive emergency clinic visit, but now we are even more obsessive about keeping things from where she can get them. She only looks like a dog- she's actually a billy goat! Then, last month, she tore into a chipmunk hole and dug up enough of the backyard to put a pool in! So we finally got acquainted with the local groomer, who used to raise Wires herself. She gave her a bit of a "skirt", and for a few days there she looked like a proper Fox Terrier.

Keep in touch! Summer's Mom

Monday, November 12, 2007

Here I am!

Hello, Y'All from Summer (& Mom)-

Well, it's been a while but I have a few new pictures of me (actually, Mom took A LOT, but I can hardly keep still- these are the best!). Here I am in the backyard, playing with the leaves. Oh, and there are chipmunks back there too, and although they're not easy to catch it's a lot of fun pretending! Thumper the family cat (and my Good Buddy) and I work together- I try to flush 'em out by snuffling loudly in the holes while Thumper waits at the other end!

I'm still on the antibiotics but I feel just great, and I'm using my leg most all the time now. My little boy is a very good person to do Walkies with, as he's careful to go slowly and make me work that leg. I'm learning to "heel" correctly and sit quietly until he steps out again, and that is not easy for a terrier to do! Talk to you again soon!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Summer's Really Home!

Hi, Folks, from Summer's "Forever" Mom! Thank you for all your interest in Summer, who is a really amazing little girl, even for a Wire Fox, who are always pretty amazing! She has so won our hearts its hard to imagine how long we were without the love of a Good Dog in our lives.

She is accumulating "jewelry" on her "necklace" now, has met our wonderful vet (who really seemed to take to her- but who wouldn't?!), and we are working with her to strengthen her leg and give her basic "walkie" training, meeting the neighbors and the various other pooches around here. Morgan spends a lot of time with her after school, sometimes cutting loose in the backyard and sometimes just cuddling on the sofa. And the cat gets along with her, too! I'm trying to get a nice picture of her, instead of just a pair of hind legs and a tail running away from the camera- not easy with this gal!

Saturday, October 6, 2007